Thursday, 24 June 2010

La MJC X Lacoste Broadwick

For its latest collaboration, Lacoste has teamed up with the über cool La MJC for a limited edition version of Lacoste’s signature “Broadwick” design.

Named after Broadwick Street in London’s Soho, the shoes includes such details as a monogram ship embroidery and leather accents including the tongue feature saying “Fluctuat nee mergitur” which roughly translates to "It floats but it doesn’t sink". Other touches include a full leather insole bearing the Parisan coat which has been reinterpreted with the Lacoste logo and La MJC.

The La MJC X Lacoste Broadwick will be available on July 3rd at Colette and at Solemart Paris 2010 on July 4th, limited to the tune of 75 pairs.

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