Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011

On Sunday, Sarah Burton unveiled her much anticipated first collection as creative director at Alexander McQueen. The collection, which paid homage to McQueen, reworked his signature style with a subtle nod towards his penchant for theatrical tones and bold splashes of colour.

Overall, the collection exuded a certain aristocratic feel with belted waists, high-collars and morning suits featuring throughout. With a modern edge to the stylistic spirit of Savile Row, the collection makes a number historical references from World War 1 Tommies to Upper-crust Eaton Schoolboys. "This is the England of Alexander McQueen, a place of eclectic historical and cultural references", the fashion house said in a press release.

Shunning the usual glitzy affair in favour of a more subdued showcase; the presentation was, without question, a subtle and elegant tribute to the late, great Alexander Mc Queen:

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