Wednesday, 5 May 2010

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: "March of The Neanderthal"

"March of The Neanderthal"
Exclusive Online Editorial

Photographer: Thomas Lohr
Fashion Editor: Kenny Ho

Waistcoat (just seen) by John Varvatos

Left: Coat by Blak Wren, shirt by Tim Hamilton, pyjama bottoms by Paul Smith
Right: Coat by Paul Smith, t-shirt (customised) by American Apparel, trousers by Reiss

Left: Cardigan by Dunhill, top by Miharayasuhiro, boxer shorts by Paul Smith, sunglasses by Cutler & Gross
Right: Jacket by Paul Smith, shirt by Blak Wren, waistcoat by John Varvatos

Left: Cardigan by Nicole Farhi, top by John Varvatos, trousers by Tim Hamilton, vintage suspenders by Academy Costumes
Right: Silk pyjama set by Tom Ford, coat by Miharayasuhiro

Left: Coat by Nicole Farhi, trousers by Cold Method, eyeglasses by Prism
Right: shirt by Nicole Farhi, waistcoat & trousers by Miharayasuhiro

Jacket by Blak Wren

Photographer: Thomas Lohr
Fashion Editor: Kenny Ho
Model: Max Rogers at Storm
Fashion Assistant: Karolina Kula

Academy Costumes:

American Apparel:

Blak Wren:

Cold Method:

Cutler & Gross:


John Varvatos:

Mihara Yasuhiro:

Nicole Farhi:

Paul Smith:



Tim Hamilton:

Tom Ford:

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