Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fancy being a face of Fred?

Who doesn't I ask?! Fred Perry have launched a competition synonymous with their new campaign which depicts the music rife heritage of the infamous Fred Perry polo's, the competition is called 'tell us your story' and you shall find out why...

The competition invites you to send in an image of yourself in your Perry polo with the addition of a short story about you and this iconic membert of your wardrobe.. The people at Fred Perry are aiming to collect evidencial stories showing how the brand has immersed itself in music and street cultures all over the globe... which it has.

Imagine the mods without the laurel leaf, it's like trying to imagine Jarvis Cocker without his lens', which is just wrong.

So let us all show are aprreciation of the brand by contributing an image and a precious memory, perhaps a first gig, or first ever polo which now fits in an ill manner - to say the least? The images and words will be put online and visitors to the site are given the power to vote for their favourite, resulting in monthly prizes for the winner which could eventually turn into a cash prize of £5, 000.

See you on there.

1 comment:

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