Thursday, 20 May 2010

Christopher Shannon Innit

Since his sterling debut on the catwalks of London Fashion Week S/S 09, Christopher Shannon has propelled to the forefront as one of Britain’s leading street-wear designers. With a style described as “Refined Scallyism”, Shannon has well and truly carved out a distinctive niche with his masculine, cutting-edge designs, which not only encapsulate contemporary high- fashion, but are also an evident nod to his Northern Roots.

His most recent line however, consisting of luxe sportswear pieces in a fresh, monochromatic colour palette of white and mint green; is Shannon’s first collection available to purchase. And so in conjunction with Oki Ni, Christopher Shannon has teamed up with the website's John Skelton for an exclusive interview to discuss his new collection, the position of burgeoning menswear designers in the fashion industry, and the future of the Christopher Shannon line.

To read this exciting interview click here.


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