Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Would everyone please be upstanding for this some what fabulous news.... London is getting a drive in cinema. YESSS...

Just like the characters we all grew up adoring, we too, will be able to sit in a car park whilst watching a very large film.

Truman Brewery on Brick Lane are the unsurprising genius' behind this entertaining venture, they have handily accquired help from Volvo who are supplying all cars for the supposed drive in, so no vintage mustangs of all American muscle cars sadly, but a car to yourself [and 4 optional others] all the very same.

Tickets are £25 and go on sale 1st June 2010, in time for the 1st July debut, which last for 3 nights only: the films being shown? Twilight and Grease... I'll be elbowing my way into the queue for Grease, anyone fancy coming along to re-enact it as we watch?!

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