Wednesday, 3 March 2010

May i present to you . . .

The new sparkle in Shoreditch Highstreet's eye: Present, one of the most reverred shops in Europe has opened it's utterly chic doors on one of the most talked about streets in London.

Present, 140 Shoreditch highstreet, the resting place of The Golden Horn Cigarette Company and a patch of land, long since ignored by the local eastenders.

Not anymore that is for sure. Present offers you with brands such as Alife, Vans, Haversack, Reigning Champ, and Present's own special brands t-shirts and the suchlike.

The attire crosses the entire spectrum of street cool and deliciously preppy, perfect for the impending spring with it's fresher than fresh colours and sparkling crispness.

If the clothes don't tickle your fancy than perhaps you should pop in to buy a curiously large and scented candle, or even a giant calendar. The visual aesthetics of the shop are splendid with a wall of carefull rolled bags adding a boisterous splash of colour, and vintage paraphenalia keeping the east London feel within the brand new boutique.

Did i forget to mention the delicious coffee on offer? Made especially for you, on a vintage Italian coffee maker, have a flick through carefully displayed back copies of monocle and other cutting edge menswear mags whilst you wait, (7th Man will be there soon for sure) although it is a shop.
Not a library.

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