Wednesday, 16 December 2009

No Shizz Sherlock.

Guy Ritchies latest venture: a nitty gritty film adaption of a beloved English detective, Sherlock Holmes, is set to tip the top of the charts right at the very last second of 2009. With Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law hogging the majority of the screen play it is certainly set to be on the request list for many a female, but make sure all you wonderful males get down there also..

7th Man loves a good bit of periodic drama, and when the costume comes out as dandy as this, then there really is no cause for complaints [as of yet]: Ellaborate cravates, immaculate 3 piece suits, moustaches hovering above many a male top lip and a splendid array of head adornments, including the infamous deer stalker that Sherlock is so intrinsically linked with.

It is time for men to sharpen up there acts, ditch the wife beater and beanie, make a decision about facial hair [no inbetween stubble or sporadic tufts], polish those damn brogues and GET SOME TWEED ON YOU!

Sherlock Holmes is released on 26th December 2009 [Boxing Day for those of us in the know] and will act as some divine inspiration for your 2010 wardrobe.

If only i was a boy.

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  1. I love Sherlock Holmes and I want to see the movie so bad...well, love the photos ans I want a hat like that :D
    Have a super day