Wednesday, 16 December 2009

It's cool to be square.

Topman, not top of the list for my personal taste, but since their Topman Ltd collection launched an expose of bespoke tailoring, I have certainly re-considered my previous negativity towards them.

Their SS 10 collection 'White Noise' has only furthered my growing warmth towards them. Just look at these boxy delights: right angles, monochrome and nostalgically retro influences, combine to create an alloy of menswear's greatest features.

Impressively elegant.


  1. Amazing, I love Topman and is one of my faves massive brands. The Blazer is cool, the design is perfect and the colors of all these photos is monocromatic and I love it.

  2. when is it out..

  3. Around February time, it's the ss10 collection, so will wait for the chaotic january sales to subside before they merchandise it in.