Monday, 23 November 2009

Oki-ni, your guide to fashion.

In the last few years the tumultuous clamour of brands scrambling to get selling online has created an infinite list of fashion sites, making it hard knowing what to type into your search bar.

I think as long as you type in then you will not be disappointed. From Adidas to Alexander McQueen and Raf Simons to Margiela, this jewel of a site has something to make you lust, whether you prefer yourself covered in carefully crafted cotton for comfort, or something a little more structured for effect, you will find it here.

And as an entree to their tantalising designer selection, they also serve up exquisitely chosen industry information, keeping you comfortably ahead of the times whilst dressing you dashingly also.

Fashion is not the only service provided, you will also recieve a comprehensive list of musical recommendations, and a selection of camera's and accessories to capture everything with.

How very convenient.

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