Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Vidal Sassoon

Now a days you can almost predict peoples interests by how they have their haircut, you can instantly tell whether they are dramatically vain, or perhaps into rock and roll, but hair was not always an indicator of fashion and interests.. think back to the rigity of the shampoo and set of the forties which women conformed to so strictly, or the slick partings that sliced men's heads in two, now imagine being the man who melted the barriers and transformed hair into the ultimate fashion accessory.

Vidal Sassoon.

The most famous name in hairdressing and one of the most famous names of the Sixties visual revolution, but I doubt anyone actually knows that much about the man himself, I know I don't and I was a 60's enthusiast to - to say the least - for a predominant amount of time in my teenage years.

Musings aside, we are now all offered the chance to learn more about this iconic master of scissors in a documentary style film tailor made to reveal more about this infamous man than anyone has known before, from grizzly beginnings, to glossy ends.

The movie premiered at New Yorks Tribeca Film Festival last weekend and looks set to be a blockbuster when it ventures over the waters to his fair land of origination.

The film took 3 years to take form, buff up on all the information from the film's website:

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